An Ultimate Guide to Your Bike Safely In Australia

Due to the coronavirus crisis, we have seen an undeniable positive side effect in Australia that people started to try new activities. There is a tremendous increase in the number of cyclists on the roads. Isn’t it so? People ride bikes with social distancing measures allowing them to increase their physical and mental wellbeing. It’s the ultimate sports activity that people love to do. However, it’s so cheap, easy and doesn’t require a license. But with more cycling people on the road & for coming new cyclists, it’s important to follow the safety measures with utmost care. Let’s discuss what kind of safety one should follow while riding a Bike i.e.

Wear Right Bike Cloths-

When it comes to riding a bike, it’s important to wear the right cloth as they help you to ride safely. It also allows your body to move comfortably without any issues & protect the body from all kinds of weather conditions. You can also buy cycling jerseys or cycling jackets that are quite lightweight. It is one of the best ways to protect yourself against the wind & rain. Addionally, it will be a great indication allowing you to increase your visibility on the road.

Apart from the above, cycling gloves & shoes also should be your main priority & wear them. If you wear good pair of cycling gloves, it’s going to protect your hands & offering you extra padding and shock absorption. Shoes will you extra protection allowing you to have smooth pedalling.

Follow The Traffic Rules Properly-

 Being a bike rider, you should be aware of your rights and obligations to ensure a safe ride. Here are some basic safety tips that you should follow i.e.

  • You should never assume a car driver has seen you
  • Make sure that you are aware of the sounds around you (avoid headphones that impair your hearing)
  • Watch carefully for turning vehicles
  • Avoid riding in blind spots of other road users
  • Signal clearly when you need to turn or change direction

Wear Right Helmet-

As per the law, one should wear a bike helmet & it’s also your fundamental safety for society. There are a wide range of helmets & wear them as per your comfortable & requirement. If you are on long rides, it’s better off to have a road bike helmet. As it allows air vents to allow airflow & helps you to stay cool around the neck & head. This way, you will not feel frustration & breathing issues.

Make Sure To Keep Your Bike In Good Manner-

The bikes & their components should be clean & well lubricated. Even though, the tyres should be in good condition, make sure to take regular services. The more you maintain it, the more will be its life.

Upfront Planning of Your Route-

You must plan your route & know the weather condition where you are heading to. Don’t forget to check how long the route will take you to complete. Moreover, bring your liquids with you to stay hydrated during the whole journey!!

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