The Ultimate Guide for the New Electric Bike Owners

Ultimate Guide for the New Electric Bike Owners

Now that you have made an eco-friendly shift in your life and own that brand new electric bike, you must be wondering how the commute would look like. We can help you make it a better experience. We have tips on how to accessorize, plan, and execute your commute for the best and the most convenient traveling. If you are changing ways of life, might as well do it the right way. Read on to know how you can make your first and the following rides a better experience.

Plan and Test your Route

If you are traveling to work on your electric bike, you do not want to be stuck or be late. However, for someone who has never taken a bike to work, it can be difficult to not anticipate some kind of inconvenience. We suggest you plan and test the route on a weekend before you finally jump into your new choices. Google maps can help you know the time it will take for you to reach your workplace. Once you have a fair idea of the best route to work, you will have to test it out.

Pick a day when you are not in a hurry. Travel to work on your bike to get familiar with the terrains and landmarks. You will also come to realize how pleasant or not is your bike ride to work. Testing and planning your routes will help you save yourself from bickering with the boss on a weekday. You can reach on time while you decrease your carbon footprint. You will also save plenty of time since your bike can traverse many corners and lanes.

Prepare your Bike for the First Big Ride

If you know your route and have the turns and tilts on the finger of your tips, it is time to prepare your bike to cover the distance. You must know that when you travel on a bike, rain can make the terrains a challenge for you. Mudguards are important if you want to protect your bike from premature wear. Your drivetrain should be free of mud and debris for proper maintenance of the bike.
Another important element in a bike is the bell. Many states make it a law to have a bell on your bikes. However, having one regardless of the law is a good idea. It can be difficult to spot a bike on a busy road which can lead to accidents. A loud and clear bell will be enough a warning for people on the road and you will travel safer.

An electric bike needs good maintenance. Make sure yours is always lubricated and clean. It won’t take you much time to clean your bike and you don’t have to take it to places for cleaning. You can do this step at home and make sure your bike provides you with the safest ride.

Be Prepared for a Flat Tyre

Even if you do your best to avoid rough terrains so that you never have to deal with a flat tyre, this mishap is unavoidable. Of course, you can make your way out of it with an uber, but in case you’re highly dependent on yourself, be prepared to fix a puncture. Make sure you always have your tool kit with you so that you can take the old tube out and fit a new one to continue your ride to work. We would also suggest you always carry a pump in your saddle to treat a tyre with a slow leak. CO2 inflators are not very effective in case of dead flat tyres but can come to the rescue for a slow leak. Just having these tools handy and 15 minutes of handiwork will save your day!

Get Dressed and Accessorized the Right Way

If you are riding your bike to work on a rainy day, wearing a waterproof apparel is a must. However, you must carefully make this investment. You will have to ensure that your waterproof apparel is not letting the rain seep in and is also not suffocating you. These one-time investments can make your rides pretty convenient and help you travel in rough weathers.

It’s not just the rain that you need protection from. Sun can be really harsh on you on some days. And nobody wants to reach work all sweaty and sunburnt. A long sleeved and breathable jersey will be a good buy. You can also consider sun sleeves in case a jersey is not your choice of clothes. The sun protective apparel can also spare you from smothering sunscreen all over you.

In extreme winters, leg warmers and arm warmers will be of great use. You can also simply roll them down to change into your work clothes. If you buy the right weatherproof apparel, you can have waterproof leg warmers and arm warmers that are also breathable. Make sure you try on these apparels and buy what suits your requirement. If you want to travel to work in your official wear, you can also go for a weatherproof jacket and pants to protect the clothes underneath.

Take it Slow

Now that your bike is ready for the ride, you are all dressed, and the route has been planned, you must not be in a hurry to make this change. Being prepared does not necessarily mean that you have to travel on your bike every day. It can be pretty daunting at first so taking it slow is a better idea. Start with traveling to work on a bike only once or twice a week and take a mode of public transport on the rest of the days. As you get used to the dos and don’ts of traveling on a bike, taking it to work everyday will become more convenient. Keep in mind that it’s not a race. You can shift to environment-friendly ways of life at your own pace. Have these tips by heart and you will surely have the best experience with your new mode of communication.

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