Your Guide to Buying a Road Bike

your guide to buying a road bike

If you want to buy a road bike but are feeling lost after seeing the many options in the market, then we are here to help you. From which sort of road bike to buy to what will be needed for your first bike ride, the following guide will help you through it all.

Road bikes are among the most basic types of bicycles available. There is no suspension or sophisticated setup; there are only two wheels, a frame, and gears. That isn’t to say that there aren’t some variants.

We are going to talk about five main kinds of bikes and then you can decide which one works best for you and your requirements. The five main kinds are:

  1. Road Bikes
  2. Endurance or All-Road Bikes
  3. Gravel Bikes
  4. Touring or Adventure Bikes
  5. Electric Bikes or E-Bikes

Keep in mind that each kind has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on the type of riding you want to do.


Road bikes, or performance road bikes, are true to their name: they are road bikes equipped for performance based riding. A road bike would be apt for you if you are into competitive biking. Road bikes feature a sharper geometry for rapid acceleration and put the rider’s body in a lower, more efficient position.

Some common features of a road bike are a stiffer frame, lighter wheels, a better response to steering input and usually reasonably priced. Most road bikes have a carbon fibre frame because they are direction-oriented and have the best stiffness-to-weight ratio of any material used for manufacturing bikes.

Performance road bikes are of two types:

  1. Lightweight climbing bikes

Lightweight bikes are usually preferred by most competitors in any race as well as by bikers who enjoy elevation. They are often called the all-rounder bikes. Lightweight bikes prioritise lower weight above aerodynamics. In other words, these are compact, high-performance bikes that prioritise reducing weight and increasing power transmission. They have superlight frames (as the names suggests) that are engineered for optimal performance when climbing a mountain and attacking during a descent.

  1. Aero road bikes

Aero road bikes provide unparalleled and unrivalled speed! Wider tube designs, deep section wheels and gear integration set aero road bikes apart from all other bikes. They are made to glide through air with as little friction as possible. The wide tubing helps to them to keep higher speed with not as much effort. This is one reason why aero road bikes are often used for flat road racing. These bikes have stiffer frames, allowing all of the energy to be properly transmitted to the rear wheel when rides surge through or reduce the power.



With their relaxed design, steady ride and emphasis on comfort, endurance bikes are quickly gaining traction as the most popular kind of bike. Endurance road bikes, or all-road bikes, place the rider in a more elevated position and have more relaxed frame angles that are more comfortable and secure for long distances. What sets an endurance road bike apart is its solid handling and an erect and comfortable riding position. Another name for these bikes is sportive bikes. Riders can ride for longer periods of time and visit areas with tougher terrain because of the added comfort.

There are several frame types to choose from, including carbon and alloy. For riders who want to explore remote locations or need durability, alloy is the most popular choice. Carbon, on the other hand, is lighter and more comfortable, but also more expensive. Endurance bikes typically have disc brakes, since the wider tyres do not fit through regular rim brakes. Disc brakes are more dependable for any weather condition, are scathed by mud and rain, and are low-maintenance. It is ideal for bikers who just want to get out there and ride.



A Gravel bike is optimized for off-road stability. This usually means a larger wheelbase and a looser frame and fork. The geometry of a gravel bikes is often more upright than that of a road bike, since it has a higher head tube and narrower reach. This makes lengthy rides more comfortable as well as enables the rider to adjust their weight according to the obstacle on the road and descent.

Gravel bikes come in a wide range of frame materials, the most common ones being aluminium and carbon. Aluminium is a wonderful material for an affordable gravel bike since it is inexpensive, resilient, and lightweight. The weight of a carbon frame is often lower than that of an aluminium frame. Carbon may also be quite well for rigidity and comfort, as well as for providing more options for aerodynamic tube designs.

Gravel bikes have a lot of tyre space, which allows them to use far wider tyres than a road bike. Gravel bike tyres have more capacity, allowing for extremely low pressures, which increases comfort and grip on uneven ground.



Touring and adventure bikes are built for comfort and long periods of riding time. Touring bikes are heavier than road bikes, and are designed for comfort, durability, and the capacity to carry goods. Steel is a popular choice for the frame because of its durability, ease of repair, and comfortable riding. To aid with heavy loading, touring bikes frequently have a more upright and stable riding position. Bag and water bottle mounts may be found all over touring bikes. They’re made to carry everything that may be required for long journeys. Touring bikes offer a broad variety of gears, so that the rider never has to exert too much effort.

These bikes were crafted with a specific function in mind. However, because of their convenience, they are very ideal for commuting or as a substitute for a vehicle. The easy riding position is relaxing, and these bikes are excellent for a leisurely commute to work and back.



Electric road bikes, or E-Bikes, are an emerging type of road bikes that use electronic drive units to help riders accelerate, maintain, and improve their speed. An E-bike consists of all the components of a standard bike plus an electronic motor system.

A road ebike, much like a non-assisted road or gravel bike, will feature drop handlebars and a more athletic riding posture than a hybrid. An ebike has the gear range required to ride quicker and handle hills, as well as thinner tyres for higher speed performance. A lower weight will be priority, as it will be on any other road bike, but not at the cost of battery performance and range. The weight of electric road bikes will always be higher than that of regular road bikes. Some road ebikes, on the other hand, will feature carbon-fibre frames and lightweight wheelsets, reducing their weight. The handling of an electric road bike is optimized for a lively ride, so the rider can enjoy quick descents while still getting the necessary support for riding upwards.

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